Jul 19, 2023

Advanced technological solutions for the rail industry

THE Mattei RVR range: rotary vane compressors have been designed specifically for the Rail market.

The Rail sector is a unique market of interest for Mattei, the Vimodrone based Italian compressor manufacturer, who specialises in the production of rotary vane compressors, has had much success in supplying the main rolling stock manufacturers in Italy and Europe, with on-board compressor systems, while developing important relationships/partnerships.

Mattei has also enjoyed a growing partnership in the USA through MTE (Mattei Transit Engineering), a division of Mattei USA, with international giants such as the Alstom group with the integration of systems for their Metro and People Mover vehicles.

The RVR Series, offers compressor used for any on-board railway vehicles, namely; high-speed, regional trains, passenger and freight trains, hybrid and locomotives, providing clean and dry air for applications ranging from: braking & suspension systems, door activation, sandboxes, pantograph handling, and auxiliary panels.Mattei compressors are also being used widely within the rail sector, servicing infrastructure applications, such as depots and maintenance facilities.

RVR compressors are compact, quiet, and efficient, and provide consistent performance, reliability, functionality, and ease of use. Thanks to the rotary vane technology, they offer high performance, energy savings and provide a longer product life cycle proposition.

For example, its Compressor units are engineered for 100,000 hours of operation and commonly achieve that and more, without having to be overhauled. A significant plus of Mattei’s RVR compressor range is the quality standards employed, which are IRIS-certified, an international certification promoted by UNIFE, the Association of the European Rail Supply Industry, which aims to assess the quality of suppliers of rolling stock and related equipment.

Another advantage of the range is its flexibility: the RVR compressor range, can be integrated into equipment with a compressed air generation and treatment unit (AGTU), complete with compressor air end, motor, oil separator, enhanced inlet filtration, and compressed air treatment systems. These systems are equipped with filters, dryer, and respective control devices meeting the air quality requirements of BS ISO 4975:2022.

For simplicity, they can also be used as a stand-alone package for retrofitting into existing compressor applications, often integrating with the existing installed motor.

The RVR series offers five different models, each available in different configurations.

RVR01, specifically designed to meet the needs of trams and light rail vehicles, producing compressed air in the range 0.10 – 0.48 m3/min.RVR02, designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of light rail and metro vehicles, producing compressed air in the range 0.30 – 1.58 m3/min.RVR03, created to meet the compressed air requirements of electric and diesel vehicles, regional trains, high-speed trains and railway maintenance vehicles, with compressed air flow rates from 0.79 to 3.30 m3/min.RVR04, designed and manufactured for electric and diesel railway vehicles and track maintenance vehicles, with compressed air capacities from 1.56 to 5.22 m3/min.Each of these compressor types is available as a stand-alone compressor, with an integrated air cooling system, coupled to an electric or hydraulic motor.

The RVR05 is specifically designed to meet the needs of heavy Class 1 locomotives. It is the most powerful with air deliveries from 2.50 to 9.69 m3/min.It is available either as a stand-alone compressor unit or coupled to an electric or hydraulic motor.