Jun 06, 2023

ELGi expands range of refrigerated air dryers

Designed for Australian conditions, the Airmate EGRD series 200–500 models continue to offer all of the same benefits as the single phase versions such as energy efficiency, high reliability and low cost of ownership.

Energy efficient

The Airmate EGRD series of non-cyclic refrigerated dryers includes a sophisticated controller which ensures optimum efficiency by automatically reducing the fan speed or stopping the fan depending on the condensing pressure and dryer temperature.

A highly efficient rotary compressor ensures best in class specific power consumption which further contributes to the overall high energy efficiency of these dryers, while the inclusion of ELGi’s next-gen heat exchanger minimises the pressure drop and maximises thermal efficiency.

For small footprint applications that require consistent loads, these non-cycling dryers come into their own. For maximum efficiency, the three-stage heat exchange system with cold storage, allow the unit to cycle on and off as necessary.

The highly efficient and ultra-compact heat exchanger is also able to operate effectively in high ambient temperatures, making them ideal for Australian conditions.

Energy savings are also achieved due to the inclusion of a zero loss drain which ensures that only condensate is drained with no air loss.

High reliability

The Airmate EGRD 200-500 series models include a fixed speed, hermetically sealed and highly energy efficient rotary compressor. Together key features such as a suction separator muffler, an internal protector, a reverse phase protector in the 3 phase variants, as well as a run capacitor contribute to the overall high reliability of these compressors.

Additional design details include the hot gas bypass valve, which prevents the freezing phenomenon in the heat exchanger, the use of high quality copper capillary tube, level sensing drain, insulation of each and every pipe, a number of protection devices, as well as many failure prevention features on the controller.

Ozone friendly refrigerant

ELGi is focused on building energy efficient compressed air equipment that ensure efficient energy consumption and lower energy costs. While the customer benefits from lowered energy costs, ELGi also enables the end user to reduce carbon emissions and lower their overall impact on the environment. Meeting F-Gas regulations, the EGRD series use either the ozone friendly R-134a or R-407c gas, both of which have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

Ease of maintenance

The Airmate EGRD series models are easy to maintain. The access panels are easily removed, providing immediate access to all parts of the system. All service alerts are clearly displayed on the controller.

From the food and beverage sector to printing, plastics, moulding and chemical sectors – wherever compressed air needs to be dried to a low dewpoint, the ELGi Airmate EGRD series of non-cyclic refrigerated dryers deliver the solution.

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Energy efficientHigh reliabilityOzone friendly refrigerantEase of maintenance