Jul 28, 2023


Maxi-Miser by ApolloSpray has unveiled the PRECISION-6 PRO, the ultimate TrueHVLP electric painting system for automotive painting applications.

The PRECISION-6 PRO is designed to deliver precision HVLP technology for a flawless finish, providing users with unmatched power and exclusive features for complete control. Spraying thick viscosity coatings like primers has never been easier. Turbo spray systems provide clean, warm, dry and constant air with no air compressor needed — which means no inline filters or desiccant dryers are needed.

This all-new painting system offers precise atomizing power to minimize overspray and give users unparalleled control, regardless of the coating’s viscosity. The PRECISION-6 PRO handles the widest range of coatings, including primer/sealer, basecoat and clearcoats. With the precise atomizing power of the PRECISION-6, you can spray all kinds of candies, pearls and metallics, not to mention metal flake.

The Precision Pressure Control System (PCS) automatically adjusts motor speed, voltage and amperage for precise atomizing pressure at any altitude or barometric pressure. The digital pressure display, accurate to 1/10th PSI, ensures unparalleled efficiency, with documented 80+% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coatings compared to compressed air systems.

The PRECISION-6 PRO is equipped with PowerPause, a 60-second auto-idle mode that preserves motor life and reliability while allowing the highest available flow pressure. Additionally, the QuadraClean filtration system provides advanced air filtration, keeping the system cooler and extending motor life.

“We are excited to introduce the PRECISION-6 PRO, the most advanced TrueHVLP electric painting system for automotive painting applications,” said John Darroch, CEO of Apollo Sprayers. “With enhanced power and exclusive features like the Precision Pressure Control System, all new motor technology, PowerPause and QuadraClean filtration system, the PRECISION-6 PRO sets a new standard in turbo spray performance.”

Experience the confidence of working with the PRECISION-6 PRO, delivering 11.5 PSI of sealed air pressure for spraying all automotive coatings.

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