Nov 03, 2023

My Yeti and Stanley Haul Is Making Everyone Jealous Cool Gadgets

Meet someone who’s taken the “Stanley” way beyond the office water cooler! I’m knee-deep in a love affair with both Stanley and YETI gear, and if my enthusiasm for these brands were a currency, I’d be a millionaire by now. From Stanley’s iconic thermoses that keep coffee hot enough to melt glaciers, to YETI’s coolers that could probably survive a meteor strike – this junkie knows the ins and outs.

I’ve got more Stanley mugs than friends (just kidding … well … sort of), and I’ve seriously considered hugging my YETI cooler goodnight (sorry for making it weird). If you ever caught me camping (my idea of camping is a five-star hotel), I’d probably be teaching my gear to sing campfire songs. If you think Stanley and YETI are one-trick ponies with only mugs and tumblers, this list of coolers, pitchers, fans and more below will show you otherwise. Now I want to invite you: Join the ranks of the Stanley and YETI obsessed and embrace the outdoor gear addiction. This junkie assures you, it’s the coolest club in the woods (or lake or beach).

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

The YETI Rambler’s like that tough old uncle who never changes – dishwasher safe, BPA-free, with a grip that never falters. The MagSlider Lid’s magnet power puts all the magicians to shame, while the DuraCoat stays fresh like a teenager. Beat it up all you want; it’ll still keep your drinks as cool as a cucumber.

Meet the H2.0 FlowState tumbler, the chameleon of hydration, fitting into car cup holders and lifestyles with ease. Stanley’s advanced lid can dance between sips and gulps, with a handle that’s a handshake for your hand. It’s 90% recycled steel, so even Mother Earth gives it a nod. Durable and eco-friendly, it’s the only tumbler you’ll need to navigate your thirsty world.

YETI’s Tundra Haul is like the tank of coolers – virtually indestructible and rolling on NeverFlat wheels that scoff at punctures. It’s the cooler’s cooler, ready to follow you, thanks to its StrongArm handle. Just don’t ask it to carry dry goods or dividers; it’s too cool for that. Perfect for those who need their beverages as tough as they are.

Imagine a hydration superhero for your campsite or office – that’s this two-gallon jug. Double-wall foam insulation keeps your drinks cool for ages, almost like it’s defying time. Got clogging issues? This jug laughs in the face of clogs with its high-flow spigot. It’s rugged, leak-proof, and BPA-free making this jug the equivalent of a trusty sidekick for all your (thirsty) adventures.

The YETI bottle sling is like the savvy butler for your Rambler bottle. Want to hike hands-free? Sling it over your shoulder. Tired of bottles rolling around? Its flat-back structure says, “Not today!” Whether hitched to a Hopper or nestled in a Camino, this sling’s got your bottle’s back. (Note: Rambler bottle insists on traveling solo; sold separately.)

Meet the fan with an attitude, pushing out air at 3900 CFM like it’s nobody’s business. It’s got three speeds for those who like options, all-metal construction for the heavy metal fans and an oscillating head that just can’t stay still. Need to tackle large spaces? It’s got you covered, literally. It’s not just a fan; it’s a wind machine with style.

The YETI logo baseball cap is not just headwear; it’s a statement. With a brim made from recycled fishing nets, it’s eco-friendly swagger for your noggin. Rock it on the sandlot or sand dune, this 100% cotton creation doesn’t discriminate. It’s the cap that whispers, “Save the oceans,” while shouting, “I look good doing it.” Sand, sweat or style – it’s up for the challenge.

The Quick Flip GO bottle is the road trip buddy you didn’t know you needed. Its double-wall insulation keeps drinks cool or hot, just like your car’s air-con system. Made from tough 18/8 stainless steel, it can endure more bumps than your suspension. Leak-resistant cap? Check. Easy to clean? Check. Spill-proof? Check. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of travel bottles, but without the blades.

YETI Slim Colster: the versatile chill-master for your 12-ounce slim cans and other adventurous drinks. Whether you’re in a cabin or on a beach, it’s like having a portable Arctic blast with a quarter-turn Load-and-Lock gasket. The double-wall vacuum gives a cold shoulder to warmth, and its steel body is tough enough to outlast wild parties. Duracoat color won’t crack, much like your party spirit.

It’s the OG that started it all. Stanley’s classic vacuum bottle is like the reliable friend that always has your back. Hot soup? Cold tea? It’s a 24-hour party in a rust-proof steel container. Worried about spills? It’s as leak-resistant as a spy’s secret. And the lid? That’s a cup in disguise. Whether for work, travel or exploring off the grid, it’s the bottle that says, “I’ve got this,” and means it.

The YETI Camino 20 carryall is the bag of all bags, small but filled with purpose. Waterproof and puncture-resistant, it scoffs at spills and frays. Want organization? Deployable dividers are at your service. Need to carry heavy loads? Its CrossBar handles flex their muscles. It’s more than a bag; it’s a durable, up-for-anything tote that never says no to a challenge.

The 14-ounce Heritage food jar is the kiddo’s dream lunch buddy. Want to pack a hot meal? It’s got the thermal skills to keep mac ‘n’ cheese warm for seven hours. Cold treats? It’s a little Arctic vault. Made from tough stainless steel, it handles bumps like a playground champ, and the built-in spork is all about earth-loving reusability. Plus, it’s easy to clean, making it the parent’s dream, too.

The Yeti Rambler straw lid is like a seasoned party-goer, never shy around frozen drinks. Thick or thin liquids, it handles them with ease. Worried about shattering or losing the straw? It’s shatter-proof and has a molded stopper to keep everything in place. And post-party, just toss it in the dishwasher. It’s the straw lid that knows how to have a good time.

Embark on a culinary adventure with the Stanley To-Go food jar. It’s like a lunchbox but with a Ph.D. in deliciousness. Fill it with soup, mac ‘n’ cheese or even yesterday’s leftovers, and be amazed as it locks in the taste. Built for the wild or the breakroom, it’s dishwasher-friendly, and unlike your old lunch pails, it won’t crumble under pressure.

Meet the YETI Rambler: a camp mug with ambitions beyond mere sipping. With its magnetic MagSlider lid, it’s like a high-security vault for your coffee, oatmeal or chili. Just don’t expect it to be spill-proof; it’s not that magical. But with a “no sweat” design and a coat that won’t crack, it’s almost as tough as your camping stories. Almost.

Strawless sipping got you down? These 30-ounce Stanley-compatible straws will lift your spirits and your smoothies. Tall enough for a towering tumbler and strong enough to withstand your most vigorous beverage-guzzling, they’re a gift for the thirsty friend who has everything (except a straw). And, since they’re reusable and BPA-free, they won’t leave you or the planet feeling used.

Tired of sandwiches that rival a sponge? The Daytrip lunch bag is the end of your lunchtime woes. With its closed-cell foam insulation, it gives hot tacos and cold cuts a VIP treatment. Its adjustable grid lets you decide the size of your culinary delight, while the Thermosnap closure plays bouncer. Fold it up post-feast and your lunch bag becomes lunch’s best brag.

From RV escapades to backyard BBQs, the Stanley Stay-Chill pitcher is the life of the party. Made from the stuff of legends, it keeps coffee hot and lemonade frosty. And its ruggedness? Let’s just say, it’s faced hurricanes and lived to tell the tale. With this pitcher, your thirst doesn’t stand a chance, and neither do fragile imitations. Drink up!

Looking to keep things frosty on your next adventure? These custom-shaped ice substitutes laugh at the idea of melting. With a break-resistant design ready to withstand even the most daring tumbles, they chill your contents like a winter’s day in Antarctica. From the tiny Hopper Flip 12 to the mighty Tundra 350, they’re ready to freeze the competition. Literally.

Adventurous days require the right cooler, and this one’s got moxie. With double-wall foam insulation that’s got your back for up to 27 chilly hours, it’s like having a mini North Pole in your hand. Sturdy enough to wrestle with wild terrain and complete with a leak-proof silicone gasket, it’s the last cooler you’ll ever need. Weighing just 3.9 pounds, it’s ready to carry your chill vibes anywhere.

The YETI Yonder water bottle: designed for the intrepid hydrater. Lightweight and shatter-resistant, it’s ready to ascend to hydration heights unknown. Clip it on and scale that mountain, or simply tackle the urban jungle. Leakproof and dishwasher safe, it’s the low-maintenance buddy for those with thirst, adventure, and have absolutely no time for washing up.

Meet the Stanley party flask: the life of the party before the party even starts. With colors as vibrant as your dance moves, this compact buddy fits right into your pocket. It’s like a personal cheerleader made of stainless steel, always ready to pep you up. Just remember, the flask might be leak-proof, but your dance secrets won’t be!

Here’s a bucket for your brews, the YETI Rambler beverage bucket! It’s like a portable party cooler, only more stylish. Load it up with six cold ones or three wine bottles. With a handle that’s ready for heavy-haulin’, this bucket’s a champ in the wild. Just beware – it doesn’t keep your singing voice in tune around the campfire.

Bring the party to the wild with Stanley’s stainless steel shot glass set – sturdy enough to endure a bear hug, but not bear-proof against stealing your booze. Pack these four unbreakable companions, and you’re ready for toasts around the campfire. And don’t worry, even if your backpack’s full, these shot glasses are ready to hang out – literally!

Tired of confusing your coffee with someone’s tea? These magnetic identifiers pair with the MagSlider lid to save the day. They’re like name tags for your drinks – only cooler. Pop them on or off as you please, and give your dishwasher a whirl; these identifiers love a good bath. Say goodbye to mix-ups and hello to warm (or cold) sips.

The Useful Box: a sanctuary for sandwiches and a treasure trove for trinkets. This stainless steel marvel is your go-to lunch defender, squish-proof and ready for adventure. From seeds to stickers, it’ll hold it all with style. No fuss with cleaning; it’s dishwasher safe. If your lunch had a best friend, it would be this well-named box.

For the fur-friend who’s just as wild as you, the YETI Boomer dog bowl delivers. Packed with 32 ounces of kibble capacity, it’s rust-resistant and ready for chow time. It won’t budge, thanks to the Bearfoot non-slip ring, and it’s dishwasher safe – because nobody wants to wash dishes after a dog’s dinner party.

The Stanley Adventure beer stein, a legend among beer lovers, takes sipping to rugged new heights. Designed to survive bullets, hurricanes and desperate quests for chilled beverages, it keeps your brew cold for 20 hours. Because no one should endure the tragedy of a warm beer in the wild – or the kitchen. Ideal for thirsty adventurers and backyard warriors alike.

The YETI LoadOut GoBox 15, a compact gear case for adventurers, is so tough it might just put some superheroes to shame. While it can’t legally be labeled unbreakable, it scoffs at mere mortal impacts and even takes a dip, fully submerged. Perfect for those who like their gear wild-proof but their wilderness a bit more civilized.

Meet the Legendary food jar with spork, the portable dining experience for those on-the-go moments. Want hot soup at a soccer game or a chilled salad at the park? No problem. It holds temperatures like a wizard, doesn’t spill like a well-trained butler and even brings its own utensil. Forget the plastic cutlery; this jar’s got spork.

Meet the Rambler half-gallon jug, the ultimate thirst-quenching companion for the road. It’s like a mini-fridge for your truck bed, keeping your drinks frosty or hot for ages. MagCap? Check. No more worrying about cap-chasing. Want a special mount for it? Sure, why not? It’s everything you need for a hydration station on wheels.

When packing for an adventure, you don’t usually think of a kitchen sink, but with this 21-piece cooking set, it’s nearly possible. Nestled together like a culinary Russian doll, this set offers everything from sporks to a frying pan. Strong, scratch-proof and easy to clean, it’s the gourmet solution for the wild cook who doesn’t believe in roughing it.

For the commuter who occasionally takes a wrong turn and ends up on a mountain trail, there’s the Crossroads backpack. Made of rugged TuffSkin nylon, it’s ready for detours. With room for everything and a pass-thru sleeve for your roller, it’s equally suited for office meetings or bear encounters. Don’t just take the road less traveled; pack for it.

Stanley’s pour-over coffee maker is for those who prefer their brew like their humor: rich and a little bit complex. With its stainless steel design and reusable filter, it’s as sturdy as your grandpa’s old hiking boots. Ditch the paper filters and embrace a smarter, eco-friendly way to enjoy that morning cup of ambition. It’s coffee, upgraded.

Looking for the king of folding chairs? This chair’s got it all – from FlexGrid fabric that hugs you like Grandma at Christmas to a Packaway frame that’s easier to fold than a paper airplane. It’s UV-rated, so no need to worry about sun-fading your comfort. And with a 500-pound support, it’s ready to host anyone from toddlers to sumo wrestlers.