Jun 16, 2023

SPX Flow Launches New Range of Modular Desiccant Dryers

Powder Bulk Solids Staff | Oct 22, 2020

A new range of small low-flow, modular desiccant air dryers for critical air quality applications has been launched by SPX Flow configured for the North American and LATAM markets.

The Hankison HSHD Series desiccant air dryers have been specifically developed to protect moisture-sensitive applications requiring low-pressure dew points.

Offering reduced footprint than previous designs, Hankison HSHD Series modular desiccant dryers provide high-quality compressed air economically and efficiently. Moisture sensitive applications range from food processing and packaging to laboratories and pharmaceutical production.

The HSHD Series are pressure swing adsorption dryers and deliver pressure dew points to ISO 8573-1:2010 Air Quality Class 1 (-94°F/70°C) and Class 2 (-40°F/-40°C) with flow rates of 7 to 40 scfm (12 to 68 m3/h). Activated alumina, a highly porous material, efficiently adsorbs moisture from the processed air. The purge rate is kept to a minimum, effectively desorbing moisture from the desiccant bed, while reducing energy consumed, lowering operational costs.

HSHD dryers are comprised of two extruded aluminum columns equipped with desiccant cartridges. Air is passed through the on-line cartridge to remove the moisture, while the off-line cartridge is regenerating. After a pre-set time, based on the pressure dew point requirement, the airflow is redirected to the cartridge previously being regenerated. The desiccant cartridges are easy to service making routine maintenance simpler. The desiccant bed has been sized to prevent fluidization and desiccant aging, prolonging service life. In addition, a high-performance filtration, consisting of an oil removal pre-filter and particulate after-filter protect the dryer and downstream equipment for optimal performance.

Furthermore, with connectivity and automation becoming increasingly important, SPX Flow has equipped the HSHD Series dryers with a controller that includes Modbus communication protocol. This enables the dryers to communicate seamlessly with other in-plant devices, such as compressors and monitoring systems, as part of an Industry 4.0-ready solution. The controller is equipped with a 7-in. color touchscreen for optimized viewing and to facilitate navigation. Operators may also select pressure dew point performance for maximum application flexibility.

Constructed primarily of aluminum components, HSHD desiccant air dryers are shipped fully assembled and ready for installation. Multiple inlet and outlet options offer flexibility of installation and a heavy-duty muffler furnished inside the dryer cabinet makes for quiet operation. The units are delivered as standard with pre and post-filtration, base mount provisions for floor standing, but can be wall-mounted using an optional kit.

SPX Flow Inc., Charlotte, NC 704-808-3000

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