Nov 24, 2023

The 50 Dopest Home Upgrades Under $30 On Amazon


Home improvements that go easy on your wallet.

Home upgrades don’t necessarily need to be expensive — in fact, these highly rated products are all under $30 on Amazon. From clever tools to organize kitchen cabinets to helpful hacks for maximizing closet space, these cheap upgrades make a big difference without costing a fortune, and that’s probably why they have received so many glowing reviews.

Keep reading for ideas to declutter your home, create a functional organizational system, and add stylish storage solutions for less than you’d pay for brunch.

Upgrade to this set of silicone cooking utensils that includes three whisks, spatulas, and tongs. They’re coated with heat-resistant nonstick silicone to prevent scratching and each of the heavy-duty utensils comes in three different sizes. The popular set has garnered over 12,000 perfect five-star ratings and is a great buy for all your cooking, frying, and grilling needs.

For a more sustainable alternative to paper towels, get this set of reusable Swedish dishcloths that each replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels. The machine-washable cloths are highly absorbent and their textured finish works well to wipe dirt and grime off surfaces, whether it’s a wood countertop or a stainless steel appliance.

I’m all about multipurpose products because not only do they save space, they save money, too. This silicone mat is under $30 and can be used as a dish drying surface, a spot to set down hot hair styling tools, or a trivet for pots and pans. The waterproof mat’s raised edges catch water and prevent spillage, the ridges allow for good airflow, and the silicone construction ensures it stays put and doesn’t slide around.

Remove pet hair from furniture and clothing with this nifty reusable roller that’s a great upgrade from a disposable lint roller. This reviewer-loved tool collects all the hair in an interior chamber, then releases it at the push of a button. It’s quick and effective and can be used on various surfaces without snagging fabric or constantly needing replacement batteries.

This double-sided hanging organizer is a cheap way to maximize closet space and keep your favorite purses safely stored away. It hangs on a swivel hook and has eight clear vinyl pockets that allow for easy access on either side. The slim design takes up minimal space and the generously sized pockets can also be used to store other items such as towels, sheets, or blankets.

Add under-cabinet lighting using these LED puck lights that are way cheaper than paying for electrical work. The wireless lights are battery-operated and come with a handy remote that allows you to control their brightness and set a timer for automatic shut-off. They can be installed using strong adhesive tape or screws, both of which are included with the lights to provide you with mounting options.

If you’re working with limited square footage in your bathroom, get this faux suede bath mat that won’t block the door. Despite its low-profile design, the rubber mat is highly absorbent and quick-drying and doesn’t slide around thanks to its rubber backing. To clean it, simply wipe it down or give it a quick rinse with a shower nozzle.

Charge up to two devices at once using this ultra-thin USB wall charger that’s great for tight spaces. It automatically detects your device’s maximum charging speed to save you time. Plus, its flat design makes it a good option for behind a couch or headboard, given that it’s not bulky and allows for easy access to your devices.

Declutter your kitchen cabinet using this adjustable organizer that provides three tiers of storage space for boxes of foil or parchment paper. You can choose the shelf height to fit the various boxes you have and quickly snap the plastic shelves in place on the wire base. The organizer has nonslip rubber feet for sturdiness and for under $30, it’s a clever tool that adds extra surface space and prevents clutter.

Install this magnetic screen door and let fresh air in while keeping bugs out. The Amazon favorite has strong magnets down the middle seam to allow for hands-free opening and closing and is easy to attach to a door frame using the provided hook and loop strips and push pins. The fine mesh blocks mosquitos and other pests but allows for maximum airflow and the screen conveniently doubles as a doggy door.

Upgrade your entertaining game with a set of these colorful porcelain bowls you can use for everything from cereal to dessert. The highly rated set includes six bowls that feature different colors and patterns and are microwave and dishwasher-safe. They stack for space-saving storage and are a fun way to dress up a table setting, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or serving a casual weeknight meal.

Clean up your bathroom vanity and store makeup and skin-care products in these stackable drawers. The clear organizers allow for easy access and visibility and add a sleek, modern touch. Place them one on top of the other or side by side, and in addition to cosmetics, use them to organize pantry snacks or office supplies.

Hang this stainless steel caddy on your shower wall without drilling into the tile and corral your favorite products in one spot. Strong adhesive strips and directions for mounting are included with this caddy that adheres to multiple surfaces, from marble and glass to various tile finishes. This pick is so popular, it has an overall 4.8-star rating from 31,000-plus reviewers.

Prevent a rug from curling and shifting by securing it in place with these corner grippers. The self-adhesive pads can be used on hardwood, tile, carpet, and stone —just remove the backing and adhere the V-shaped grippers to the bottom of the rug, then press down on the floor. The grippers are weatherproof and can be used on indoor and outdoor rugs and are a cheap way to make your home neater and safer.

Store leftovers in these airtight containers that stack to save space in your fridge. The set includes six glass containers with snap-on lids that are microwave and dishwasher-safe. The leakproof design prevents spills and messes and the glass is a durable upgrade to replace flimsy plastic containers.

Make meal prep easier with these plastic cutting boards that have nonslip edges to stop them from shifting. The set includes cutting boards in three different sizes and each one has handles for easy grip and storage. They are reversible, odor and stain-resistant, and feature grooves to catch any liquids and minimize cleanup.

Prevent a clogged drain and an expensive plumbing bill with this cheap little tool — a TubShroom. The reviewer favorite has gained over 85,000 five-star ratings and shoppers rave about how easy it is to use and the fact that it actually works. Unlike a regular plug, this one fits inside the drain and collects hair around its cylindrical core, making it a must-have bathroom upgrade.

Give your closet a streamlined makeover and save space using these cheap but chic velvet hangers. Their nonslip texture ensures that garments don’t slip off and the slim design maximizes space so you can hang more items. The hangers also add a luxurious touch and their uniform look will make you feel like you splurged to hire a professional organizer when in reality, you spent less than $30 on Amazon.

If you’re in need of new mixing bowls and food storage containers, get this set of four lidded glass bowls and you’ll get both for the price of one. The bowls are made from tempered glass and can be used for meal prep, food storage, and serving dishes, while the lids snap on to provide an airtight seal. They can be stacked, both when they’re empty and when the lids are on, to save space in the fridge and inside kitchen cabinets.

Hide clutter and organize your home with these stylish fabric storage cubes that have handles for easy carrying. They’re collapsible for space-saving storage when they’re not being used and the light beige color makes them neutral enough for any space. Plus, the open top keeps items well-ventilated and allows for quick access.

Give your pantry a cheap makeover and keep staples fresher for longer using these food storage containers. The six-piece set is made from BPA-free plastic and includes cute chalkboard-style labels for a professional look. Best of all, the containers have flat-top locking lids that allow for stacking and whose silicone seal helps preserve freshness.

Empty out bulky boxes of Q-tips and cotton rounds into these chic apothecary jars and you’ll gain extra space while dressing up your bathroom. The three plastic jars have wood lids to protect their contents from collecting dust and their clear construction allows you to see exactly what’s inside each jar and when items need to be replenished.

Store plastic wrap and bags in this clever bamboo holder and say goodbye to the kitchen junk drawer once and for all. There are six openings — four bag organizers and two wrap dispensers — and besides fitting inside a drawer, you can also mount the wooden holder on the wall.

Make a homemade version of your favorite coffee shop beverage using this cold brew maker that consists of a glass carafe, stainless steel filter, and silicone cap. The pitcher has measurement markers on the side so you can track how much water you pour in and its nonslip base acts as a built-in coaster. Brew 4 cups at a time and allow coffee to steep for up to 24 hours to enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

Instead of purchasing a new TV, give your existing one a cheap upgrade with this LED backlight strip. It helps reduce eye strain while creating greater contrast and boosting color vibrancy for a better viewing experience. Use strong 3M adhesive backing to attach the strip behind your screen and adjust brightness using the attached in-line controls.

Use this pair of oil and vinegar dispensers for a smooth and controlled pour and a chic kitchen accessory. They’re nice enough to place on the dining table and are easy to use and refill. Each of the glass dispensers features measurement markers on the side and includes a filter that can be inserted into the spout to keep any herbs or spices inside.

Stack bakeware inside this sturdy metal organizer to keep cabinets tidy and make it easier to grab what you need. The stainless steel divider has five slots and can be used horizontally or vertically, whether for baking sheets and cutting boards in the kitchen or files and folders in a home office. It has plastic feet to protect surfaces from damage and comes with mounting hardware if you want to attach it to the wall or cabinet interior.

Add surface space to store pantry staples and extra dishes using this countertop organizer which comes in white and black. It’s easy to assemble and its metal construction is sturdy enough to support up to 30 pounds. Nonslip foot pads ensure a secure grip and the shelf’s streamlined design adds an elegant touch.

Add comfort to everyday kitchen chores with this cushioned anti-fatigue mat. Its ultra-thick gel foam padding provides support for long periods of standing, which may help improve posture and reduce discomfort. Available in five colors, the plush mat is water-resistant for durability and has nonslip backing to keep it securely in place.

Organize your fridge and gain more space using this set of eight clear plastic bins that are ideal for produce, canned drinks, and everything in between. The sturdy bins minimize messes, their built-in handles are easy to grip, and the transparent design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Keep your bathroom vanity clean and clutter-free and store toothbrushes and toothpaste in this slim holder. It has a removable divider that creates three separate compartments when inserted, and that’s easily dismantled for a quick clean. The storage caddy has a nonslip base for sturdiness and its sleek design makes it look way more expensive than its budget price tag.

Use this glass pitcher for homemade iced tea in the summer or apple cider in the fall — it’s a kitchen accessory you’ll get so much use out of year-round. The half-gallon pitcher is a nice addition to your dining table or buffet and comes with a locking lid for a tight seal. Its integrated handle ensures a comfortable grip and the wide mouth and built-in spout make for easy pouring and refills.

Pop these mini ice cube trays in the freezer and you’ll have the cutest balls of ice to chill your drinks with. The thick BPA-free plastic material and unique design make it easy to transfer the trays into the freezer without any spills and the four-pack conveniently comes with an ice bucket and scoop. The tiny cubes release effortlessly and are a fun way to enjoy a chilled beverage.

Use this adjustable plant stand to elevate — literally — your greenery and add a natural touch to your home. The bamboo stand extends from 8 to 12 inches to accommodate different planter sizes and can be flipped upside down for high and low positions. It holds up to 150 pounds and is a beautiful way to highlight your favorite plant and fill an empty corner.

Upgrade your baking game with this glass bakeware set that includes four pans in different sizes. They distribute heat evenly and the built-in handles make the pans easy to grab out of a hot oven. Plus, they’re nice enough to place on the dining table, so you’re getting baking dishes and serveware in one, which makes this set such a steal.

Keep paper towels on hand and declutter your countertops with the help of this chrome paper towel holder. Its polished finish and elegant design add a nice decorative touch, while its sturdy construction makes it a durable accessory you can use for years to come, whatever the style and color scheme of your kitchen.

If soda cans are currently taking over half of your fridge, maximize space and neatly contain them in this clear can organizer. It holds nine standard or 11 slim cans and has a reinforced base and sturdy sides for long-term durability. The self-dispensing mechanism makes it easy to grab a can, increases efficiency, and minimizes messes — all for under $15.

Give your storage a stylish upgrade and hide clutter in these highly rated fabric bins that have a reinforced metal frame and hard bottom for support. The three-piece set features a two-tone design, thick fabric exterior, and leather-like handles for a minimalist look. It even comes with jute string and paper tags if you want to add labels.

Get cleaning tools off the ground and keep them neatly assembled in this wall-mounted holder. The sturdy rack has three rubber slots and four hooks to keep brooms, mops, and rakes in one spot, and its weatherproof design means it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If your cleaning closet is currently a mess, this clever storage tool is a cheap but effective way to organize it.

Tackle the junk drawer and create a functional organizational system with the help of these bamboo drawer dividers. Their expandable design fits a variety of drawer sizes and the soft foam ends prevent potential damage and secure them in place. They work just as well to organize cooking utensils as they do socks, and they’re an Amazon favorite thousands of shoppers rave about.

With an oversize design, this 200-suction cup shower mat adds a nonslip surface to the length of your tub. The textured mat has a powerful grip and adheres to any non-textured surface thanks to the extra-large and strong suction cups. Plus, it drains quickly, comes in 16 colors, and is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Always know where to find your reusable bottles and keep cabinets neat with this stackable water bottle organizer. It holds six bottles and its horizontal design allows for quick access without having to rummage through an entire cabinet shelf. The two tiers can be stacked or used separately to give you options and save space in your kitchen or pantry.

If your collection of grocery bags is overflowing, opt to store them in this wall-mounted bag dispenser. You load the stainless steel bag holder from the top and grab bags one by one out of the front opening. The exterior is fingerprint-resistant so it stays nice and clean and the compact dispenser can be mounted on the wall or a cabinet door using the provided screws and tape.

Get this cheap door draft stopper and it’ll save you a lot of money on energy bills in the long run. The self-adhesive weather stripping fits gaps that are up to an inch high to keep heat inside in the winter and cool air from escaping in the summer. It can be cut down to size to fit your door and is suitable for various materials, from wood to glass.

Get these smart plugs and conveniently control any regular outlet in your home via an app on your phone. The compact plugs are easy to set up and can be connected to your Alexa or Google Assistant. They provide lots of cool features including voice control, timers and countdowns for lights, and the ability to group devices together and schedule their automatic shut-off.

If you’d love to have greenery around your home but can’t keep a plant alive to save your life, then this set of four potted artificial plants is for you. They look incredibly realistic thanks to the variation in color and texture and are a nice accent for your coffee table or a pretty way to enliven your WFH space.

Line cabinet or fridge shelves with these colorful liners that can be cut down to size to fit your surfaces. The waterproof mats minimize cleanup since they catch spills and other messes and can be wiped down or given a quick rinse. The textured finish gives them an anti-slip grip and in addition to covering surfaces, the liners also work well inside drawers and double as place mats.

Upgrade your bathroom on the cheap with this high-pressure rain showerhead. Not only will its sleek chrome finish dress up your shower, but it’ll add a luxurious spa-like feature for under $30. The showerhead has anti-clog silicone nozzles to help prevent limescale buildup and can be adjusted to any desired angle for the perfect stream of water.

This three-tier storage cart wins the award for ultimate versatility. Its slim design, adjustable height, neutral appearance, and rolling wheels make it a great option for any space in your home, from a small bathroom to a kitchen that lacks storage. You can assemble the cart to have two or three tiers, add hooks on the sides, or disassemble it completely and use the caddies inside a cabinet.

Update a curtain that’s seen better days with this waffle weave shower curtain for a clean and polished look. It’s classic and elegant while still being a great budget option, and its heavy weight and water-repellent texture make it a practical choice. The Amazon favorite is available in multiple colors and fits most standard-size tubs and showers.

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