Feb 11, 2024

The Best Portable Washing Machines On Amazon

Until recently, I’d lived in apartments without an in-home washing machine. Had I known that portable washing machines were an accessible option — even for someone without full-size washer and dryer connections in their walls — I could have avoided schlepping mountains of bedding down to my complex’s basement or saved hours at the local laundromat.

These portable versions don’t require traditional plumbing, so you’re probably wondering how they work. Most portable washing machines are automatic and operate just like traditional full-size appliances, with multiple wash settings. But they typically connect to a regular power outlet and can be temporarily hooked up to an existing faucet, such as your kitchen sink, when needed. Most feature a detachable drain hose that can be run into a bathtub, sink or standpipe for draining. (There are also manual versions which tend to be more affordable and have a turbine that is hand-cranked.)

It’s not just small spaces and apartments in which portable washing machines can be a game-changing addition. They can be good for dorms, RVs or camping, too. Even though some of the compact washing machines you will see in the list below have built-in casters for easier maneuvering, reviewers also suggest placing your washer on top of an adjustable furniture dolly.

You can see some of the best-rated options currently available on Amazon — and what customers loved about them — if you read just a little further.

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