Apr 19, 2024

Top Portable Washing Machines on Amazon: Reviews and Ratings

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These easy-to-use compact machines can wash your clothes, even if you don't have the space or plumbing for a full-sized appliance.

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These portable versions don’t require traditional plumbing, so you’re probably wondering how they work. Most portable washing machines are automatic and operate just like traditional full-size appliances, with multiple wash settings. But they typically connect to a regular power outlet and can be temporarily hooked up to an existing faucet, such as your kitchen sink, when needed. Most feature a detachable drain hose that can run into a bathtub, sink, or standpipe for draining. (There are also manual versions that tend to be more affordable and have a turbine that is hand-cranked.)

It’s not just small spaces and apartments in which portable washing machines can be a game-changing addition. They can be good for dorms, RVs, or camping, too. Even though some of the compact washing machines you will see in the list below have built-in casters for easier maneuvering, reviewers also suggest placing your washer on top of an adjustable furniture dolly.

You can see some of the best-rated options currently available on Amazon — and what customers loved about them — if you read just a little further.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

The Panda portable washing machine is preset with 10 different washing programs, five water level options, a drain pump, and a separate air dry function that uses high-speed spinning to keep the stainless steel tub clean. The top-loading design can accommodate up to 10 pounds of clothing and uses a butterfly rotation system to reduce tangling.

Promising review: "This miniature washer machine truly functions like a regular machine. It has different cycles, all push buttons. You don't have to babysit your loads, either. It comes with everything you need to install. Just hook the adapter and hose to your water supply, and your laundry problems are over. The machine spin dries enough to hang dry really well. I love it. I have washed small kitchen and bathroom mats, light bedding like sheets and pillowcases, and also towels." —Ronnie

Get it from Amazon for $233.75+ (available in several styles).

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Black+Decker's compact washing machine uses only cold water settings to remain energy efficient, as well as an automatic unbalance detector to keep operation quiet and at peak performance. It has five different washing cycles including rapid, heavy and soak.

Promising review: "This is one of the coolest portable washing machines I’ve ever used! (And believe me, I’ve seen some real doozies!). It’s well-built and sturdy. It is very quick and easy to hook up. Honestly, it washed more clothes than I expected, and the best part of my portable washing machine… I do nothing but put the clothes in, and the machine takes it from there. You choose your settings. The settings are digital, and the display lights up. (Only cold water is to be used in this machine). It washes, rinses, and spins like a big washer. And the tub is made of stainless steel. I’m telling you, this is an amazing product! I was really pleasantly surprised." —Mom-Mom

Get it from Amazon for $229.99.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Space-saving, energy-efficient, and capable of washing up to 11 pounds of clothing per load, this fully automatic washing machine by Cofmee has stabilizing feet to minimize excess sound and vibration, as well as six washing settings like delicate and heavy. There's also an extra rinse cycle option and three water temperatures to choose from. Many users caution that you may need to get a different adapter depending on your existing faucet.

Promising review: "It is so quiet and can hold a full-size quilt and wash all my bedding in two loads (sheets/pillowcases in one, and quilt in the other). It's amazing what this machine will do, all my clothes come out brighter, softer, and feel clean. It is a bit difficult to move around on its own, but I purchased a mobile roller adjustable furniture dolly designed for washing machines, and it works excellent with my machine. You may want to buy an extension cord too." —L.S. Hart

Get it from Amazon for $349+ (available in several sizes).

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

This two-tub washing machine features a side for spin-washing up to 11 pounds of clothes and another for spin drying up to 6 pounds of clothes, both of which can be operated simultaneously. The machine also allows you to choose washing times (5–15 minutes) as well as three different fabric modes. Unlike the options above, which have electric pumps to drain them, this washing machine uses a gravity drain.

Promising review: "I read reviews on all mini compact washing machines and decided on this one and I must say....I really am blown away at the performance of this unit. I've never seen clothes come out of a washing cycle this clean! The washing tub is a great size and holds more than I expected. The spin tub spins out about 90%+ of water so the garments are almost dried, but you must split the load as the spin tub is smaller and understandably so for its purpose. It is very easy to use, quiet and the size/dimension is perfect for my RV shower stall. The only thing that surprised me is how little laundry soap is required to clean. I added more than I should have. The agitator moves so well that you really only need a tablespoon or 2 of laundry soap/detergent. If you are looking for a small unit for your RV, off-grid, small apartment, etc, I highly recommend this unit!" —Lee

Get it from Amazon for $149.99.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Aside from its vintage charm, this manual, smaller-capacity washer and spin dryer features a hand-crank design, straightforward operation and fast wash times. It's a great choice for delicate garments or cloth diapers and is built with a suction cup base so it can be secured to the base of your bathtub or sink.

Promising review: "My washer broke a few years ago and I've been taking frequent trips to the laundromat. This little washer is a game changer. If I need something washed quickly and don't want to make the drive and deal with the quarters, I can just toss a few items in here and give it a quick spin and throw them into my dryer. I might end up using it on a camping trip one day too!" —SK

Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in five colors).

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