May 22, 2023

Autel Introduces Alignment and ADAS Lifts

Autel has entered the lift market with 12K- and 14K-capacity lifts designed to enable technicians to perform every needed vehicle service in the same shop bay — from pre-scan, visual inspection and mechanical repair to a four-wheel alignment and calibration of all ADAS systems.

Autel’s North American-made Bay Max 12K and Bay Max 14K lifts are flush-mounted hydraulic scissor lifts with twin 6K and 7K jacking beams, respectively, and a floor lift table. The floor lift table is a distinctive feature that enables the technician to safely stand under the entire length of the raised vehicle to make repairs. When the lift is lowered and flush with the ground, the technician can position the vehicle anywhere in the bay to perform nearly any ADAS calibrations, regardless of the vehicle’s distance to the calibrator, pattern or target.

“We had several goals in mind when we set out to design the Bay Max lifts,” said Stewart Peregrine, senior executive of ADAS sales for Autel. “First and foremost, we wanted to sell a quality, dependable and durable piece of equipment. We also wanted a lift that could capitalize on the Autel IA900’s extensive capabilities and maximize a shop’s space, efficiency and profits.

“The IA900 and the Bay Max offer techs a new comprehensive approach to vehicle repair essential to servicing the sophisticated modern vehicle, in which every repair and every system affects another system and component operation.”

The Autel lifts are Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified for safety and feature stainless steel front radius plates and rear slip plates with turn plate pocket protectors for paint protection. The lifts feature a premium double-baked powder coat black finish on the lift and base.

The lifts also feature such premium amenities as built-in runway air tire inflation kits at each wheel and a shatterproof 24-inch LED lighting kit with automatic shut-off.

Autel’s line of alignment lifts also includes a 12K-capacity and 14K-capacity hydraulic scissor lift with jacking beams but without the floor lift table.

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