Jun 09, 2024

Sauer introduces new compressor series

By Jack Burke05 July 2023

Sauer Orkan offers a flexible modular system, company says

Sauer Compressors said its new series of high-pressure compressors for industrial applications are now available in the first four standard types.

The Sauer Orkan series is suitable for the compression of many gases and a wide variety of applications in part because a newly developed magnetic coupling makes the compressors hermetically gas-tight.

When developing the Sauer Orkan high-pressure series, Sauer Compressors said it focused precisely on the requirements of the gas industry. The basic feature of the series is a flexible modular system. It includes air-cooled, oil-lubricated piston compressors with an output of up to 110 kW for final pressures of up to 500 barg as well as booster types with suction pressures of up to 16 barg. Special features are the hermetic gas-tightness due to the maintenance-free and wear-free magnetic coupling, and regarding the high-power class its extremely compact dimensions and the clearly arranged design.

The standard types now introduced include two high-pressure compressors for air with maximum final pressures of 350 and 500 barg respectively, a high-pressure helium compressor with a maximum final pressure of 350 barg and a high-pressure nitrogen booster with a maximum final pressure of 350 barg and a suction pressure of 4 to 8 barg. In each case easy operation is ensured with the intelligent Sauer ecc 4.0 control system. Other standard types, for example for CNG and hydrogen, will follow in the future. This series’s flexible modular system provides the possibility of individual ETO (engineered-to-order) machines that are precisely tailored to customer requirements.

The Sauer Orkan series’ cooling concept enables pure air cooling, which is unique on the market in the power class up to 110 kW drive power, the company said. The CubeCooler achieves re-cooling temperatures that are more than 30% lower than conventional configurations. This high-performance results from the radial arrangement of the coolers around the combined fan and flywheel, the company said.

“The practical suitability of the Sauer Orkan series has been impressively confirmed by long-term field tests at internationally operating gas companies. Since then dozens of installations have already been carried out,” said Gregor Bruhn, head of Global Product Management at Sauer Compressors. With the new series, the Kiel-based compressor manufacturer completes its portfolio of high-pressure compressors up to 500 barg and now covers the entire range from 4 to 230 kW.