Oxygen Generator, Refrigerated Air Dryer

Oxygen Generator, Refrigerated Air Dryer

PSA Oxygen generator (Atmosphere adsorption) Working principle: Atmosphere absorption PSA Oxygen generator based on the


Basic Info.
Model NO. HDFO
Application Fields Medical
Noise Level Low
Machine Size Medium
Condition New
Certification ISO, CE
Material Carbon&Nbsp;Steel
Capacity 5-3000nm3/H
Technology Psa&Nbsp;System
Application General&Nbsp;Industrial&Nbsp;Fields
Type Pressure&Nbsp;Swing&Nbsp;Adsorption(Psa)
Color White/&Nbsp;Customised
Purity 90%-99.9999%
Product&Nbsp;Name Air&Nbsp;Separation&Nbsp;Plant
After-Sales&Nbsp;Service&Nbsp;Provided Engineers Available
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification Actual size
Trademark zhongsuhengda
Origin China
HS Code 8419601900
Production Capacity 300sets/Year
Product Description

PSA Oxygen generator (Atmosphere adsorption)
Working principle:
Atmosphere absorption PSA Oxygen generator based on the clean compressed air, zeolite molecular sieves as absorbent, tanking Taking PSA get Oxygen equipment under the normal temperature.
According to Oxygen, Nitrogen they are different in zeolite molecular sieves absorbent face and diffusivity, through PLC control the valve, realizing compression absorbing, reduce pressure adsorption this course, reach Oxygen, Nitrogen separation, get the standard Oxygen

Product Application

Hospital Medical oxygen for breathBurning process (glass craft, ampoule making, thermal power) Enhances burning efficiencyOzone generation Raw material to make O3Waste water disposal Oxidization of waste contentAquaculture Oxygen enriched water improves life of fishesFermentation Better atmosphere for fermentationDiving, mountaineering, For breathingHigh-altitude flight, interplanetary flight, civil aviation For breathingCutting, welding Burns to produce heatEngineering Blasting To make liquid oxygen explosiveMetallurgy Ironmaking, steelmakingOxygen enriching Bar, meeting room, office, dorm, homesMining Reacts with minerals to increase separation rateChemical engineering To make vitriol, nitric acid, etc.Paper and pulp Pulp bleaching

Main Features

1. High Oxygen Production and Low Energy ConsumptionThe Oxygen Purity is large, can be adjusted between 25% -95%.2. Low maintenance costs, moving equipment for the blower and vacuum pump; Simple operation and easy maintenance .3. Full AotomationAll systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Oxygen demand adjustment.4. Zeolite Molecular Sieves LifeUnique compression device to ensure that the molecular sieve is always in static operation, so that the molecular sieve is not powder, not added.5. Fast start-upStart-up time is about 30 minutes to get desired Oxygen purity. So these deice can be switched on and off as per Oxygen demand changes.

Oxygen Generator, Refrigerated Air Dryer

Our Company can provide gas devices including PSA nitrogen-making device, PSA oxygen production device, PSA high-purity hydrogen device, ammonia decomposition and hydrogen production device, hydrogen and nitrogen matching device, gas purification device, gas recovery device, air purification projects etc , and following customers' requirements, we can provide varieties of gas equipments.

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