Water Cooled Screw Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Flooded Water Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Flooded Water Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Flooded Water Chiller 1. Eurostars water cooled commercial screw chiller b


Basic Info.
Model NO. ESGW-F366DOM
Application Fields Shopping Mall/Building
Application Machine Cooling and Heating
Certification CE
Condition New
Electrical Components Schneider, FUJI
Color White
Starter Star-Delta Starter
Capacity Control Step Control
Service OEM, ODM
Refrigerant R407c, R134A, R22
Hot Water Heat Reclaim Option
Condenser Shell and Tube
Safety Device Relief Valve
Expansion Valve Emerson
Compressor Hanbell, Bitzer
Evaporator Shell and Tube
Controller Touch Screen Controller, Siemens PLC
Transport Package Wooden Pallet
Specification CE
Trademark ESACIR
Origin Shenzhen
HS Code 8418692090
Production Capacity 1000 PCS/Year
Product Description
Water Cooled Screw Chiller Air Cooled Chiller Flooded Water Chiller 1. Eurostars water cooled commercial screw chiller brief introductionWater cooled dry type screw chillers are available with 1 or 2 independent cooling circuits depending on the cooling capacity. The well or cooling tower water cooled chillers are designed for indoor installation and are particularly suitable for medium size and large size air conditioning systems, where it is necessary to ensure excellent seasonal performance and low environmental impact, such as supermarkets, office buildings, starred hotels, etc. Water cooled screw chiller can be partial heat recovery or total heat recovery, it both supplys chilled water and hot water, hot water temp. can reach above 50ºC, and improve the cooling efficiency.2. Eurostars water cooled commercial screw chiller main components(1)Compressor*The screw compressors are of two-shaft rotary displacement design with the latest and advanced 5:6 patented screw rotors to improve work efficiency.*Screw compressors have few parts, no wearing parts, stable and reliable operation, long life.*Rod-type compressors have a volumetric design with a small clearance volume, small friction losses, and high operating efficiency.*The refrigerant circuit and control circuit are completely independent ,can be used alternately according to loading condition, which can effectively extend the service life. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, wear resistance and high reliability.(2)Condenser*Shell and tube condenser, with copper tubes optimizes efficient heat exchange between the chiller and cooling tower.*The cover plates at both ends are removable, can be removed to clean the copper tube, effectively ensure the safe operation of the system. The condenser has passed the national pressure vessel inspection.(3)Evaporator*Shell and tube type evaporator is flooded type, refrigerant in the shell, water in the tube, improve heat exchange efficiency.*The exterior of the evaporator is affixed with thermal insulation material to avoid the loss of cooling capacity.(4)Oil Separator*Adoption of the special oil separation and return system, built-in oil separator, ensure the systems' stability. The lubrication system can heat oil to match the chillers exact requirements, guaranteeing the system is always protected against unnecessary wear.(5)Thermal Expansion Valve*Adopts the world-renowned branded thermal expansion valve for higher control accuracy, wider adjustment range and faster response. *Under any working conditions, the heat exchange area of the evaporator can be fully utilized, the heat exchange is more sufficient, and the efficiency is higher, which can ensure the reliability of the refrigeration system.(6)Intellectualized Controller*Adopt micro computer touch screen control, can operate via centralized manage system; The system can monitor the water temperature, capacity status while running. The water temperature can be controlled according to the water outlet temperature. Trouble shooting code may display on the touch screen automatically when the system is abnormal.*Whole system can realize remote operation.3. Eurostars water cooled screw chiller features(1)High Efficiency*Utilizing advanced high efficient 5:6 screw compressor, equipping with high efficient condenser and evaporator and imported expansion valve to realize high EER .*Heat recover is optional,client can choose partial heat recovery or total heat recovery, maximum hot water can reach 60ºC.*Improve efficiency about 5% during heat recovery.(2)Reliability Operation*Multi-protection devices to keep units safety operation.*Single compressor with 4 stages capacity control, double compressors with 8 stages capacity control, to ensure the best performance.*All chiller units has passed national standard safety system test before leaving factory, to accord with national standard.(3)Intellectualized Control System*Adopt SCM micro computer control,can operate via centralized manage system (PLC controller is optional); clients also can choose remote controller which can also indicate chiller running condition.*Micro computer touch control system, simply operation interface, indicating maintenance information in time. Optional for remote service if needed.*Chiller unit control system can connect with customer central control system to know about the unit's operation condition.(4)Easy and Simply Installation and Maintenance*Refrigerant and refrigeration oil are charged well before leaving factory, just connecting with inlet/outlet water pipe and power on to start running it.*Controller interface indicating fault information directly in order to know and maintain it in time.(5)Special Design Optional*Optional for refrigerant R22, R407C, R134A according to customer's need;*Optional for different kinds of power supply,such as 380/400/415V-3PH-50HZ,220~230/440/460V-3PH-60HZ;*Customized chiller is optional,such anti-corrosion,salt water heat exchanger,etc.4. Eurostars water cooled commercial screw chiller brief technical data Please ask salesman for detailed complete data or visit our
Flooded Type Water Cooled Chiller Unit(R134a)
Rated Cooling CapacityKW6693123171176291331372
USRT18.8 26.5 35.0 48.6 50.1 82.8 94.1 105.8
×1000Kcal/h56.8 80.0 105.8 147.1 151.4 250.3 284.7 319.9
Flooded Type Water Cooled Chiller Unit(R134a)
Rated Cooling CapacityKW43850355860070280310211142
USRT124.6 143.1 158.7 170.6 199.7 228.4 290.4 324.8
×1000Kcal/h376.7 432.6 479.9 516.0 603.7 690.6 878.1 982.1
Flooded Type Water Cooled Chiller Unit(R134a)
Rated Cooling Capacity KW713.2781.28771006.11199.71403.61606.92042.52284.8
USRT202.8 222.2 249.4 286.1 341.2 399.2 457.0 580.9 649.8
×1000Kcal/h613.4 671.8 754.2 865.2 1031.7 1207.1 1381.9 1756.6 1964.9
Remarks:(1)Rated Cooling Capacity Based on: Chilled water in/outlet temp. 12ºC/7ºC, Cooling water in/outlet temp. 30°C/35°C, Fouling factor: 0.088 sqm°C/KW.(2) Chilled Water Range: 5~20ºC; Cooling Water Range: 25~45ºC;5.Eurostars water cooled screw chiller construction diagram (1)Oil separator(2)Heat recovery(3)Screw compressor(4)Control board(5)Electrical control box(6)Evaporator(7)Sight glass(8)Angle valve(9)Dry filter(10)Condenser6.Eurostars water cooled chiller seriesWater cooled screw chiller(with dual compressors,dual condenser)Water cooled screw chiller(with single compressor, single condenser)Water cooled screw chiller(with flooded evaporator)Water cooled screw chiller with heat recoveryWater cooled heat pump chillerWater cooled heat pump chiller with heat recoveryWater cooled flooded screw chiller with heat recoveryWater cooled flooded heat pump chillerWater cooled centrifugal water chiller7.Eurostars service:(1)EngineeringSave hours of engineering and fabrication time. From Eurostars you can get the right design, prudently engineered with quality components, and flexibility to suit your application.(2)MaintenanceEurostars designs and built for low maintenance. Save on the routine maintenance of competitive systems and reduce your chance of shutdowns. Your customized maintenance manual is clear and concise.(3)PurchasingYou'll purchase a complete skid-mounted system customized by experts. It's headache-free one-stop purchasing.(4)SupportExperts are available to answer your questions toll-free. We can offer advice on system flow, pressure and heat transfer requirements, equipment layouts, piping materials, and expanding a system to meet increased capacity, as well as trouble-shooting any existing installation.(5)InstallationAll necessary valves, controls and gauges can be pre-installed, so in-plant piping is streamlined. Running field wiring from the power supply and to remote fan motors typically completes the installation. A thorough, yet easy-to-read installation, operation and maintenance manual is prepared for each order.(6)PriceEurostars chillers are quality produced at an affordable price that can save you money for years to come. A real winner in terms of return on investment.8. Eurostars Company Ceritifcates & Customer VisitingWe, EUROSTARS, which established in year 2006, is a modern hi-tech enterprise, specializing in Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Industrial Refrigeration research, development, production, sales and engineering services.Eurostars team with more than 10 years experience of HVAC equipment and system in local China and international market, has provided qualified HVAC equipment, installation and service to 30+ countries around the world.9. Our factory viewModern new process and assemble line, including copper tube straighten machine, aluminum fin punching machine, three dimensional copper tube bending machine, tube expander machine, sheet metal laser cutting machine, numerical control punching machine, CNC bending machine, chiller, fan coil unit and AHU assemble line,. etc..10. Eurostars water cooled chiller package and deliveryOur standard package is plastic film with wooden pallet for safe delivery and easy to load/unload.11. Eurostars water cooled chiller projectsWe exported chillers to Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatelmala, Peru, Chile, Norway, Serbia, Romania, Greece, France, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, etc..

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