Aug 24, 2023

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker Review

Does this viral device actually make a good iced coffee at home?

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An iced coffee a day may help keep the heat away, but buying an iced coffee every morning can get pricey fast. Making it at home presents two not-so-great options.

Brewing coffee at night and letting it chill in the fridge until morning is smart—if you’re the planning type and if you’ve got time for that. The alternative—dumping a bunch of ice into freshly brewed coffee—leaves you with a watered-down, unpleasant drink.

Is there another option for the perfect iced coffee? We tested the TikTok famous HyperChiller in our lab and at home to see if it is a good solution. The HyperChiller is an interesting gadget that claims it can turn hot coffee into iced in just 60 seconds. Find out if it worked as well as expected below.

The HyperChiller looks like an extra-large, insulated cup with a flat cover. Inside, it has three chambers–two made from stainless steel and one from polypropylene plastic. To use it, you fill the smaller stainless steel chamber and the plastic one to the max-fill line with water, screw all of the chambers together, and allow it to freeze for at least 12 hours. Then, take it out, pour a drink into the top of the chiller, and wait 60 seconds to let the frozen chambers do their work.

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They surround the beverage from all sides, cooling it without introducing any water into the liquid itself. Finally, pour the drink into your cup of choice with ice. If you prefer to skip the ice, the brand recommends waiting two and a half minutes before pouring your drink into your favorite cup.

Because the drink has been cooled down significantly, it doesn’t melt the ice in the cup as quickly. You can cool a second drink without having to refreeze the HyperChiller, but you’ll need to leave it inside for longer than 60 seconds (we recommend two minutes) so that the chambers can do their work.

Because you are pouring your beverages directly onto the top part of the HyperChiller that is exposed in the freezer, you can wipe the top with a clean, wet cloth before pouring anything into the chambers. This way anything that transferred onto the top of the chiller while it was sitting in the freezer will not end up in your drink.

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